A Conceptual Master Plan will provide an overarching framework for the entire 24 hectare (approx. 60 acre) site, including later phases of development. It will be supported by a vision and guiding principles and will include a land-use plan, urban design framework, affordable housing strategy, sustainability strategy, transportation plan, parks and open space strategy, public amenities strategy and more.

The vision is to create a vibrant, transit-oriented downtown core that respects the surrounding area and the history and identity of Coquitlam.

Through the Coquitlam Centre Unlimited engagement process, Morguard is asking the public to share their aspirations and help shape the future of Coquitlam Centre.


Cradled by the Eagle, Coquitlam, and Burke mountains, Coquitlam is a rapidly growing community with a bright future. Its new urban core will emerge over the next several decades as an important destination for innovation, history, culture, creativity and excitement.

Populated for thousands of years by the first Indigenous peoples, and now home to an increasingly global combination of cultures, Coquitlam has and will continue to evolve and its communities will continue to thrive. The current growth opportunity has the potential to transform the already highly successful shopping centre into a sustainable, healthy, connected, inclusive, authentic and unique place that will be celebrated as Coquitlam’s emerging downtown core.

The future Coquitlam Centre will be a high density, mixed-use, transit-oriented community that fosters live, work and play through health and wellness, education, employment and housing opportunities for all. Coquitlam Centre is poised to be a hub for the Lower Mainland, with a distinct public realm and innovative architecture forming a unique identity that builds upon the existing natural amenities of Coquitlam.



Lead Sustainable and Transit-Oriented Development

Advance sustainable development practices through transit-oriented planning and design by optimizing planning and transportation in proximity to Lincoln and Coquitlam Central SkyTrain Stations. Design for a walkable, multi-modal, mixed-use neighbourhood that includes housing, employment, and open space throughout the site while respecting the existing low-density residential neighbourhood west of Johnson Street and building upon the civic centre to the northeast.


Connect Healthy Streets

Create logical, seamless, safe and permeable connections throughout the area by removing barriers to pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular circulation and making connections along the surrounding corridors of Pinetree Way, Barnet Highway, Johnson Street and Atlantic Avenue.

Establish an integrated and safe network of streets and paths prioritizing pedestrians, followed by cyclists, transit, delivery vehicles, then private automobiles. Ease of site navigation is a key component through wayfinding. Traffic calming methods will be used to reinforce that the urban core is a destination and not a through route.


Create An Authentic City

Create an authentic city centre by leveraging the abundant retail and restaurant amenities of the shopping centre and adding a finer-grained road network, distinctive landscaping, residential and office employment opportunities in formats conducive to place making. The size of the centre permits the creation of a public realm unparalleled in the city complete with parks, public art, civic, cultural and performance spaces. All to foster a sustainable and inclusive city centre that provides an open invitation to residents to live, work and play at Coquitlam City Centre.


Be Inclusive and Accessible

From housing to transportation options, Coquitlam Centre will be safe, inclusive and universally accessible. The site will support aging in place and provide healthy lifestyle options, housing and tenure options and a variety of retail and commercial services to support the community and beyond. Publicly accessible spaces will be designed for people of all ages and abilities, while creating a strong sense of community and belonging.


Champion Sustainable Growth & Change

Through a phased development approach, with the flexibility to respond to market demand, strengthen the existing retail and surrounding areas with a new high-density complete community with a mix of uses and a high-quality and exciting public realm. Lead the evolution of Coquitlam Centre from a successful retail centre today into a new and unique downtown core. In partnership with the City of Coquitlam, help establish and grow an office core that provides strong employment and economic diversification. In partnership with the arts community, strengthen the rich cultural tapestry of the community with unique and creative civic spaces, open space, and art.